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Saturday, March 20, 2010

very high on my i-want-one-list

When i was in high school--pre drivers license--my dad had a Suzuki GT-380.  It was black with a two-stroke three cyclinder engine, and i thought it was the coolest bike ever.  I remember sitting on the back of it with my dad riding--no more like looking around for who he might race--all over the streets of Philadelphia.  In my mind this was the greatest bike there was--I might have thought that because of all the fun we had racing people on it--or because I was like 12 and we regularly went over 100mph on it.  Whatever it was, I was in love with the bike and snuck it out of the garage to ride it a few times around the neighborhood.  i am pretty sure my dad knew that i was stealing his bike, but he never said anything to me. 
In reality it was a crappy bike with poor suspension, shitty brakes and chrome trim in places it just didn't need to be, but each time i see a pic of one it takes me back to my childhood.
I regret not buying one for myself in the early 80s when they were plentiful and not collectible, but sooner or later i will find one that is not abused or valued as a retirement fund for the current owner.  if you spot one, let me know