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Sunday, April 25, 2010

New interest for me

OK, not really new, I have always envied trials riders.  I position them as some of the best motorcycle riders in the world.  Nope they don't go fast and nope theo stop on a ledgey don't jump 60 feet in the air, but they do things on a motorcycle that many of us would struggle to do in athletic shoes.
I strongly recommend you do a youtube search for trials motorcycles and watch these riders.  Freakin' amazing!  They sit still on a motorcycle, assess what their next move is and then bam!!! they launch the bike up a wall to stop on a ledge.

I was at Race Tech some years ago working on a story for the magazine when the moring break time came around.  One of the guys in the shop fired up a trials bike, slowly rode across the parking lot, jumped up a four foot retaining wall and then rode up a 30-40-degree hill doing a wheelie.  at the top of the hill he tapped the front tire into a tree and that was his pivot point for the turnaround.  he repeated the move about 15 times, rode the bike back into the shop, and then resumed working.  I was all geeked up with about a million questions for him.  Sooner or later I will pick up a trials machine to pop around the area here and climb up and down places you shouldn't really enjoy riding....