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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One of my favorite custom bikes

Ron Simms of Bay Area Custom Cycles has an unmistakable style when it comes to custom bikes.  Back in the early '90s he would line his bikes up in his booth at shows and you would be drawn to the display.  The bikes looked great, wild colors and paint schemes and basically interchangeable sheetmetal.  Industry insiders used to say that if a dust storm came along in Laughlin it would look like 10 of the same bikes awaiting paint.  But that was the secret to Ron's success back then...he built a low, fat fendered/fat stretched gas tank bike that people were attracted to--and they lined up to pay Ron 40-70,000 dollars for his bikes.  Ron knew exactly what he was doing--and I was always impressed by it.

Of all the bikes Ron built, this was my favorite.  it looked fast standing still and if i were ever to build a custom softail again, it would pretty much copy this one..