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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where/When Did You Get Started/

For me, i was eight years dad bought me a go-kart.  Which I kept trading with a neighbor for his mini bike.  Eventually my dad--and his--got wise to what was happening and before another trade could happen..I had a tube frame mini bike powered by a 3.5 HP Tecumseh.  The thing was as bare bones as it could be.  Tube frame, solid fork and a rear brake pedal that pushed a solid metal plate into the rear tire to slow things down.  Looked similar to the bike in the picture...but cruder.

The bike gave me my first lesson in mechanics.  The old man helped me strip it to the frame and we spray painted it with purple metallic Krylon cans.  It was, after all. the winter of 70-71 and metalflake was the stuff.  Got it back together and rode it darn near every day after school.  Some day i will find one, strip it and paint it purple and put it on display in my house.  it deserves that kind of respect, no?