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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Super moto----Sort of.....

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Not too long ago I was smitten with the idea of super moto.....taking dirt bike and making it semi street legal and pushing it way past the limits on twisty roads...stupid, but not as bad as doing it on a liter bike with 170 hp.

So I lucked out and Marcia gave me a green light on a Honda xr650l when we moved to Wisconsin as my commuter bike. I quickly found that semi knobbies suck in corners. A connection with a friend, Tom Mcgann helped me with a set of 17-inch wheels. I added a set off Metzeler sport radials, a larger front rotor and I was set. It was stupid fun and I had wheelies in four gears down to a science.

I quickly realized I was treating the bike like a toy...and promptly sold it. That is when a bike is dangerous, when you stop respecting it. I will get another one day when I grow up....