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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the same old crap is starting again

i am seeing people on the net mouthing off about custom bike builders..."they don't build practical bikes....they don't build, they assemble....all that money and no one rides the bike, it just sits in an office lobby so people can take pictures..."


perfect.  that is what they were built for.  to make people aware that custom bikes are really cool.  Much like a Chip Foose or Boyd Covington built car.  Those things can cost up to $500,000...damn skippy I wouldn't take it to pick up gas for the lawn mower.  it would sit wherever I could show it off without getting bugs, birdcrap or door dings.  I might drive it on a perfect day.

If I had a full blown custom bike that cost a boat load of money I would treat it the same way.  I would use whatever regular bike I had for the beating around and show off my rad custom when the time was right--and i wouldn't feel bad about it.  Because if i scaraped the cash together for it I would be proud i pulled it of.  If i were rich i would be protecting my investment.

So...complain, gripe and insult those builders if you must, but try to understand you just don't get it.  Not every bike is built to meet your needs...unless you start paying for everyone's motorcycle.  if you don;t pay for it, I am not sure your opinion is relavant....

gonna ride my motorcycle to work now...wonder if you are riding today or in your car?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have to slow down

Snuck the bike out for two days in a row. Granted it's just to and from work--OK, I added in a little extra ride after work yesterday through the backroads--but these daily commutes are going to send me to jail. Normally in my car the 29 mile drive takes me 30-32 minutes...mostly around 72mph so the troopers won't pay much attention to the Challenger.
These past days I am finding myself making it to work in about 23 minutes. why? because I keep looking down at the speedometer and seeing 100-plus mph. It is effortless on the Concours and it both impresses me and scares me. I am impressed because the bike is so amazing but scared because it doesn't phase me.
I sold my gsxr750--bored out to a 900--back in 1997 because I found myself doing wheelies on it at 120 mph and not being phased. I am going to learn a little respect for this bike as I want to keep it.....should be an interesting couple month process.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

much better....

rode to work today....made up some time on the way and still turned decent fuel economy...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Been a long time...since I rode my bike....

Between travel last week and the weather, i have not been on a bike since Saturday a week ago.  It is killing me.  But not all is lost, the cables and brake lines came in for my GS850 project and I hope to get some time to work on it this week.  Still projecting an end of June time for being on the road.  Cannot wait.

No new pics to show though...but I am getting closer!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

from the roaring ride...

note the trans am that went on the was sweet
i tried really hard to get a shot of the Kawasaki parked in front of this display...kills me too.  that is a Honda sl125 on the left...
registration went and bike riders mingling together

we took the bike--saddlebags full of rain gear...just in case

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roaring RIde this Saturday In Onalaska WI

Lots of fun--cars and bikes...well worth the use of your Saturday,  Benefit some kids that need help, see some cool bikes nd cars, get in about 130 miles of great scenery and enjoy some good food, a killer shirt and a live band at the after party...
more info at