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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have to slow down

Snuck the bike out for two days in a row. Granted it's just to and from work--OK, I added in a little extra ride after work yesterday through the backroads--but these daily commutes are going to send me to jail. Normally in my car the 29 mile drive takes me 30-32 minutes...mostly around 72mph so the troopers won't pay much attention to the Challenger.
These past days I am finding myself making it to work in about 23 minutes. why? because I keep looking down at the speedometer and seeing 100-plus mph. It is effortless on the Concours and it both impresses me and scares me. I am impressed because the bike is so amazing but scared because it doesn't phase me.
I sold my gsxr750--bored out to a 900--back in 1997 because I found myself doing wheelies on it at 120 mph and not being phased. I am going to learn a little respect for this bike as I want to keep it.....should be an interesting couple month process.....