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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the same old crap is starting again

i am seeing people on the net mouthing off about custom bike builders..."they don't build practical bikes....they don't build, they assemble....all that money and no one rides the bike, it just sits in an office lobby so people can take pictures..."


perfect.  that is what they were built for.  to make people aware that custom bikes are really cool.  Much like a Chip Foose or Boyd Covington built car.  Those things can cost up to $500,000...damn skippy I wouldn't take it to pick up gas for the lawn mower.  it would sit wherever I could show it off without getting bugs, birdcrap or door dings.  I might drive it on a perfect day.

If I had a full blown custom bike that cost a boat load of money I would treat it the same way.  I would use whatever regular bike I had for the beating around and show off my rad custom when the time was right--and i wouldn't feel bad about it.  Because if i scaraped the cash together for it I would be proud i pulled it of.  If i were rich i would be protecting my investment.

So...complain, gripe and insult those builders if you must, but try to understand you just don't get it.  Not every bike is built to meet your needs...unless you start paying for everyone's motorcycle.  if you don;t pay for it, I am not sure your opinion is relavant....

gonna ride my motorcycle to work now...wonder if you are riding today or in your car?