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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Damn rocks in the corners

Was treated to a huge pucker factor yesterday. Left the office to check out a few roads I found on the map that seemed like fun and would still send me in the general direction of home
The first few miles were nice...rolling roads through cornfield and farms. Not many corners but a scenic ride. I crested a hill and wow....some great turns and elevation changes.
The road transitioned into another road that was even more I upped the speeds and started pushing the Kawasaki into the corners and enjoying the relatively new tires. I was laughing in my helmet as I came around a fairly tight left turn when the front end stepped out a few inches ...not enough too make me hit the ground, but enough to shake me up. As I went into the sweeping right that followed I figured out why that turn felt loose also...there was a quarry on my left, so rocks and dust must have been all over the road. I started to slow down for the next left, but I was still moving pretty good when both tires stepped out for s very brief line change....I almost peeled the leather off my Corbin seat and at the same time I tried to relax so I wouldn't tense up on the bars and was a bad moment in my life.
Thankfully the bike and tires are damn good and I didn't crash...but it did shake me up for a few miles. However, I calmed down enough to run the last few good corners of the road and enjoy the ride....
The lesson here? Allow for anything, be prepared for everything, and always, always stay relaxed on the is fun after all!