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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How about guys are realizing what HD guys learned 15 years ago

From the beginning of time, hopping up an engine has been a science. Matching the right combination of air and fuel to the flow in and out of the engine and providing the spark that makes it all work..exciting. When the HD Evo came out, the industry knew this cam with that head and those pipes...would produce X hp and torque. The results were so consistent shops could offer packages and gaurantee a dyne sheet at the end.

Along came the twin cam and the performance world seemed to come to life. But rather than experimental packages of matching one manufacturers cams to heads from another....they started offering complete kits for each range of performance you could want...big displacement, huge torque, high horsepower, whatever...and all designed to be a simple bolt together (ok some machining required but all predictable) package. Perfect for shops to schedule their time

Well, I was watching some early morning car tv and caught a couple shows where they talked about how easy it is to make performance now that XXXX manufacturing makes this kit. Then a week later another show and Zzzz makes a kit....good that they caught on, no?.......