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Monday, October 25, 2010

Doug asked "where is the quality"

And it is a good question. There is more to building a bike than just the assembly of parts. It needs to start, stop, turn and go over bumps without leaving parts on the ground. Often times a build starts and one of those capabilities is sacrificed in the name of style. And that ends the functionality of the bike. Fine if you admit you are building a show bike. But if you are saying it is a bike to be ridden, well to hen there are some issues.
Back in my magazine days we used to get the very first bikes aftermarket manufacturers built...and most of them saw at least one bike being sent back to be fixed before we tested it. They accepted that the quality and safety of the bikes rider were important and they fixed the bikes so we could do a test. Conversely, a custom bike built too occupy show space and garage space could be built to not ride...but if they couldn't ride they couldn't be included in the magazine..and we were ok with that
I know many more quality builders than I do hacks, but they are out there. If you select a builder, ask him if all the bikes he builds can start, stop, corner and go over bumps...might be an interesting conversation after that

Friday, October 15, 2010

So much to say

How to do it in a few words? Just had good night...the kid that lives next door is like 21 and is on his third bike--a Suzuki Bandit 1200. He washed it today, I know because he borrowed my air dryer and he was returning it tonight. It just so happened my good friend Jeff at church of Choppers and had a cool sweatshirt for sale that I bought in the wrong size, so I gave it to Jonathon tonight. He loved it. And, while he was here he borrowed a helmet, gloves and a jacket so he could take his girlfriend riding tomorrow...his excitement to be out on the bike is infectious and I can't wait too get out this weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We went for a ride today...unusually warm October day--saw 85 on the digital signs--about a 120 miles total. The sky was filled with high level clouds so while it was nice and warm, there was not blinding sunshine. We left our house and head out to 35 ( that main road that runs to la crosse) but head north onto county road D. From there we went up to Mindoro and and got sort of lost...but not really. I had a general thought as to where we were and it was so beautiful we just kept riding. Once I recovered and got back on some roads I knew we set off for Chaseburg to try and find a farm that we saw for sale. Once we realized we could not find it it was out to Stoddard and then back up the Great River road to La Crosse and then home. The interesting thing is from the time we turned onto County D until we made it back to it 95 miles...not a single traffic light....we were going to take picture of the leaves changing...but we never really stopped

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something is missing

The excitement and passion of the motorcycle industry...where is it? Why aren't more people making a big deal out of riding and building and seeing bikes? I just don't get it? Why is it a hobby here in America and a way of life in other countries?

I was just in Vegas for a week of work...saw more bikes on display in casinos and stores than I did on the street....ughhhh