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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A burnout against a wall--big deal...

This is going to sound a little egotistical, but I guess I am allowed to be that way once in a while. For the last few years I have been noticing burnout contests and pictures in magazines of guys doing burnouts with their front wheel locked against a wall...big deal. Really. I have seen a lot of motorcycles in my life and NONE of them had the ability to push a wall out of the way....
You want to do a burnout? Prove that you can control the bike. Here is the bragging part...I had done burnout pics in the mags until it was I found new ways to do them...there is a pic of me doing a burnout standing next to a brand new HD CVO bagger....only my right hand touching the bike...there was a pic of me doing the same with a Buell S1....then when that got boring (and I will find the mag and scan the pics because it was a cool sequence) I stood in front of a Buell X1, hands reversed, and did a burnout that went into spinning a donut.
Bikes that didn't have a front brake capable of holding the bike back? I did rolling burnouts. The only time I ever did a burnout against a wall or barrier was at a bike show in Orange County on my yellow Buell S2.....and in Myrtle beach on a lifted platform 15 feet in the air.....both were boring. I dig burnouts, wheelies and parts dragging on the ground in corners..probably more than most people, but putting the front wheel against a wall and rowing through the gears, takes no skill, exhibits no motorcycle control...just abuses the machinery....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some reasons why motorcycles are better than people

1- the only time a motorcycle lets you down is if you neglect it.  it never does it intentionally
2- motorcycles are inherently fun--all the time
3- you can trust a motorcycle
4- expressing your feelings never insults a motorcycle
5- motorcycles are always happy you are around

any others?