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Saturday, May 14, 2011

200 plus miles yesterday

And it was for work...we needed something dropped on in Ventura County by a certain time. So I volunteered to ride from Irvine to Ventura, knowing it would mean leaving around the 8 am rush hour. I have not lane split in 6 years, so it was bound to be good.
Started out north on the 405, hit the car pool lane and enjoyed the morning ride. About the time I hit the LBC area, traffic started backing up. Took me a few miles to get used to moving 45-50mph in the car pool lane with stopped traffic next to me. Soon enough bikes were passing me on the white line as I was still moving with the flow. At the lax area it got bad and I decided to split the traffic. Took a few minutes to get used to sliding the big Kawasaki through the cars, but lane splitting came back to me...if the mirrors fit, the saddlebags will also. By the time I hit west la there was no more carpool lane and I was back to full blown splitting. Turns out A semi was stalled in the middle of the freeway causing the traffic. Crested the hill in the valley and hit 101...smooth rolling until thousand oaks where a car on it's roof was affecting traffic. Considerably. During that lane splitting session I saw not one, but two macerates, at least six porsches and a Ferrari on a flatbed for good measure...apparently there is still plenty of money in ca
Going home I went through downtown la....much more lane splitting. All told just over 200 miles and I loved every second of it