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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why I ride

There are thousands of instances that reinforce my love for motorcycling, but yesterday as I was getting on 5 south at Magnolia, I was reminded again. There was a kid in a Mitsubishi eclipse with chrome wheels, lowered, exhaust that sounded like a swarm of angry vacuum cleaners and a stereo heard above it all. The light went green for us to make the left onto the freeway entrance...he hammered his car in a blaze of noise and stereo bumping. I waited with a slow one, two, three count, let him get halfway down the ramp and gave the throttle a nice to the stops twist. Clicked second and passed him at about 90 or so, slowed to match the freeway speed, put on my turn signal and cruised home.
Dumb? Probably. Prove anything? Probably not. Make me smile the whole way home? Yup

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey are invisible to a car in front of you

It's more than a month that I have been back on the socal roads...and I have to tell you, there are a lot of riders that will not make it to the next year of doing so.
In my car and on my motorcycle I watch riders on all types of bikes weave in and out of traffic as if they own the road. Couple things here...currently cars have stereos and insulation good enough to not be able to hear you when you are right next to them, and these cars now have phone systems built into the radio soa driver can be having a conversation while driving. You they don't care about--or even recognize you exist
When I started riding on the street the older riders used to tell me to ride like the cars were out to get me...which 30 Years ago was probably true. Now I don't want too see anybody get hurt, but when I am rolling in the carpool lane on my bike and you fly up behind me at 20-30mph over the flow of traffic and slip between me and the cars to my right, well I have little regard for you. It would seem you have little regard for you as well...So, in my semi mentor role, riders, make pretend the cars are out to get you and be visible, make your presence known and show some respect for the traffic flow. That way the cR driver you piss off isn't out to get me next time

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

is it counter culture if all the kids do it

so...i was in the car coming back from some house shopping the other day leaving Santiago Canyon.  In front of me was about 15 guys on various bikes all decked out to look rustic, handbuilt or chopperesque.  In other words Sportsers with ape hangers and sissy bars, triumphs with same and a few older hondas done the same way.  in addition to the matching bike styles, all of the riders had a version of vans on their feet, dickies or jeans with the cuff rolled up and a requisite flannel shirt and a 3/4 helmet--vintage or scuffed to look old.  a very indiuvidual look for one guy, but not 15. 

so i ask, if all the kids are doing it, is it counter culture?  I mean these are the same people that rag on the hog members for wearing macthing vest and an over dose of motor company clothing, right?  same thing, just shopped for in different stores.

i have seen at least a dozen more solo riders that are in this club...and, well it just is not counter culture anymore, its mainstream.  wonder what will be next?