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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why I ride

There are thousands of instances that reinforce my love for motorcycling, but yesterday as I was getting on 5 south at Magnolia, I was reminded again. There was a kid in a Mitsubishi eclipse with chrome wheels, lowered, exhaust that sounded like a swarm of angry vacuum cleaners and a stereo heard above it all. The light went green for us to make the left onto the freeway entrance...he hammered his car in a blaze of noise and stereo bumping. I waited with a slow one, two, three count, let him get halfway down the ramp and gave the throttle a nice to the stops twist. Clicked second and passed him at about 90 or so, slowed to match the freeway speed, put on my turn signal and cruised home.
Dumb? Probably. Prove anything? Probably not. Make me smile the whole way home? Yup