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Friday, July 29, 2011

CA DMV...Some bad OK person

Yesterday was DMV appointment day for me...register the bike and switch my license over.  used the online appointment system for a 4pm appointment.  Showed up five minutes early and walked up to window 20.  There i was instructed to take my bike for a visual inspection.  I asked about my license and was told, we will take care of that off to the inspection are.
a woman comes out after 20 minutes of me sitting there and looks at my steering neck tag...
DMV person "can you read that she says?  The fairing is in the way"  
Me...nope...but i have the title right here
DMV...I need to see that tag
Me...well i dont have the tools to take the bike apart--and why would i this is a stock bike
DMV..well if i cant see it, you cant be inspected
me..Then YOU have a problem...i made an appointment for this and it didnt say take my bike apart
DMV...wait..i will get someone younger that can see it

so after a few minutes of PURE BS i am given paperwork.  its now 25 past 4 and i get sent to a window to do my registration.  I ask about my license and get told, yup, right after this.  So i pay my 300 freaking dollars to register the bike in Ca and head to the license window.  There i am told I will have to come back tomorrow as it is too late to take the written test...I look at the clerk and say, i suggest you get a supervisor because the next words out of my mouth are not going to be nice.

Meet the supervisor at window four and he says, nothing we can do, testing is closed.  I calmly explain that his computer system set the appointment, his attitude laden inspector took 20 minutes to come look at my bike and i am not leaving without everything i came for.

so at 450 i walk into the test area. cant possibly finish the car and motorcycle written tests in 10 minutes
me...i need three minutes
DMV...its impossible
me..its impossible if you keep wasting my time, give me the forms
DMV...hmmpphhhhh re done?  that was like three minutes
Me...great...grade them please
DMV..oh my, you only got one answer wrong... i guess i pass?
DMV..yes, but now you need to go get your picture taken

I run across the office to the picture area and get a shot done.  then i run back to testing to give her the slip that says i had a picture taken.  she gives me a temporary license and says, "wow, nothing has ever happened in the DMV that fast in the whole time I have worked here"  I said, "imagine if you actually did that all day?'" People wouldn't hate this place.

Then i got to stand in line at window one for 5 more minutes to get my plate for the bike....
Welcome to California...ughhhhhh

Friday, July 22, 2011

RIP Courtney Halowell

A great guy passed yesterday.  He was the best at making people laugh, ven if it meant humiliating himself in the process.  The time we worked together was a pretty amazing time...sad thing, really sad

Thursday, July 21, 2011

That magazine that USED to be focused on home built bikes

won't stop talking about me.  weird. i left the bike industry in December of 2008 and yet, they still talk about what i did in the magazines, still talk about me when i pop up on a website posting something. 

It doesn't make sense.  they took a concept started by otherr people, and spun it off in a semi misleading way to the people who loved the original magazine.  they lost their home built focus when they went searching for ad dollars--by the way, when i was in charge of the S&S ad budget they had nothing but pleasant references to me in the mag and on their website--but now they take shots at me.  can they really be that jealous of what i accomplished in the magazine world?  it has to be the only explanation.

What i don't get is i never went after them, publicly (until today) or in print.  I let them do their thing, acting like they started a revelation in the magazine industry, when all they did was take a title that died and bring it back in a semi-consistent way. and the best part is they think it is an original approach.

as i have always said, look back at the harley magazine world prior to my time at Hot Rob Harleys/Bikes and Hot Bike and Street Chopper.  the only shots of people riding were reader submissions in gallery pages.  I mandated that all bikes featured--and road tested--had to be ridden.  other mags were doing road tests with static images of bikes.  yes i over did it on wheelies and burnouts, but it started something.  all of the mags started doing it and all of a sudden there was excitement on the pages, and things heated up in the mag competitions.  yes it is arrogant to say it, but i am damn proud of that period in time because i was just doing what came natural on a bike--riding it to its potential, not looking at it

i don't get what their obsession with me is--and honestly, now that i said it here, i don't care.

I hope their microcosm in the bike industry stays healthy and they get some new readers and stay in business.  i have not seen a copy since i left S&S but I hear about it each time they mention me.... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pics from the LA Calendar show....

The winning bike....

My nephew enjoying the show

Suzuki...drool....I wish i owned this

Motus in the house...

Clean little knucklehead...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Make memories everyday

Maybe it is my age, maybe it is that I have acquired some wisdom along with the age, whatever, it is something. You have a finite amount of time to make memories. Do something every day. Make it memorable. That doesn't mean it has to be illegal or dangerous, just memorable. Maybe you help someone out. Maybe you go home from work on a different route. Pay for someone's coffee in the line in front or back of you. Whatever it is, do something so that everyday carries a reward when the time comes to evaluate your life

This past year I have squelched a lot of issues I had with people from my past. It occurs to me that I had been mad at some people for longer than I had been friends with them. Can't hold onto the good memories when you are blocking everything with bad issues.

Philosophy 101 is over...heading to the calendar show in long beach....might even take a few pics for the blog

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been too long since i posted an update

But a lot has been going on. Looks like we finally found a house and will be able to move in at the very end of this month....whew! It will have a proper three car garage, so I am pretty stoked. It's in Laguna Niguel and when I come off the 5 freeway after work there is a great s turn that leads away from the freeway and to the entrance to our street...great as i have been able to touch the pegs down in both directions, so that will be a great start/end to my day each day.
Been taking the bike to work 3-4 times a week. It's a boring ride, but it's still being out on the bike. I knock about 5 minutes off the ride to work versus the car and an easy 10 on the way home, so that counts. The new house adds about 10 miles each way, but still on the same freeway. Curious to see how much different the times will be on the bike versus the car.
Getting a new rear tire next year and a month since I put it on...and there was a long Wisconsin winter in that I must be riding a lot...
Eventually I will be settled in at the new house and will start posting some pics again, but for now it's just time for my ramblings.....