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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been too long since i posted an update

But a lot has been going on. Looks like we finally found a house and will be able to move in at the very end of this month....whew! It will have a proper three car garage, so I am pretty stoked. It's in Laguna Niguel and when I come off the 5 freeway after work there is a great s turn that leads away from the freeway and to the entrance to our street...great as i have been able to touch the pegs down in both directions, so that will be a great start/end to my day each day.
Been taking the bike to work 3-4 times a week. It's a boring ride, but it's still being out on the bike. I knock about 5 minutes off the ride to work versus the car and an easy 10 on the way home, so that counts. The new house adds about 10 miles each way, but still on the same freeway. Curious to see how much different the times will be on the bike versus the car.
Getting a new rear tire next year and a month since I put it on...and there was a long Wisconsin winter in that I must be riding a lot...
Eventually I will be settled in at the new house and will start posting some pics again, but for now it's just time for my ramblings.....