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Thursday, July 21, 2011

That magazine that USED to be focused on home built bikes

won't stop talking about me.  weird. i left the bike industry in December of 2008 and yet, they still talk about what i did in the magazines, still talk about me when i pop up on a website posting something. 

It doesn't make sense.  they took a concept started by otherr people, and spun it off in a semi misleading way to the people who loved the original magazine.  they lost their home built focus when they went searching for ad dollars--by the way, when i was in charge of the S&S ad budget they had nothing but pleasant references to me in the mag and on their website--but now they take shots at me.  can they really be that jealous of what i accomplished in the magazine world?  it has to be the only explanation.

What i don't get is i never went after them, publicly (until today) or in print.  I let them do their thing, acting like they started a revelation in the magazine industry, when all they did was take a title that died and bring it back in a semi-consistent way. and the best part is they think it is an original approach.

as i have always said, look back at the harley magazine world prior to my time at Hot Rob Harleys/Bikes and Hot Bike and Street Chopper.  the only shots of people riding were reader submissions in gallery pages.  I mandated that all bikes featured--and road tested--had to be ridden.  other mags were doing road tests with static images of bikes.  yes i over did it on wheelies and burnouts, but it started something.  all of the mags started doing it and all of a sudden there was excitement on the pages, and things heated up in the mag competitions.  yes it is arrogant to say it, but i am damn proud of that period in time because i was just doing what came natural on a bike--riding it to its potential, not looking at it

i don't get what their obsession with me is--and honestly, now that i said it here, i don't care.

I hope their microcosm in the bike industry stays healthy and they get some new readers and stay in business.  i have not seen a copy since i left S&S but I hear about it each time they mention me....