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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday ride

So, in the three months we have been back, Marcia has not been on a ride. With the new house in laguna Niguel, we decided to ride to pacific coast highway and see how close it is. Less than 7 miles...way cool! So we head north on PCH with nowhere special in mind. I encounter a bunch of people on bikes....some that really scared me. There was the couple on the gsxr 600, both in shorts, her with flip slips, him with racing gloves and a tshirt........a full face, gloves and shorts...oh man. Next there was a little guy on a bright yellow Honda shadow who kept blipping his throttle at the lights...I like the sound of bikes and it was annoying me...imagine what the car drivers thought...then there was a group of three Harleys, who if I really thing about it, tried to race me away from a light...I never broke the speed limit...but I got there so fast in first gear, I wasn't sure if they were really racing because I couldn't see them anymore.
But then there was the guy on the yamaha f1 going through Huntington beach. It's Sunday and it's the middle of the afternoon..lof course there is going to be traffic in surf city, so lane splitting was mandatory. But this idiot kept blipping his throttle and then racing his engine when cars wouldn't move over for him. God, I was on the concours, two up with saddlebags and I wasn't having a problem...but this idiot had to piss off all the cars wonder people hate motorcycles
I know I am just being cranky...but as motorcycle riders, we need to create a positive image for each other so cars respect us more...not try to kill us more