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Friday, October 21, 2011

Social Media Outlaws

with the rise in social media in the motorcycle world, I have noticed a dramatic increase in what I call Social Media Outlaws.  These are the people that have a biker nickname either as their screen name or between their first and last names, change a profile picture daily to represent some aspect of being a biker, post pictures of wild bikes and shows (even if they are not their bikes or they have not been to the show) and prattle on about bikes constantly.
What you don't seem to hear from them is about actually riding.  Seems they are constantly going somewhere in their car or truck, and can't really ever be on their bike.  Now these Social Media Outlaws proclaim to know it all regarding bikes, and the biker lifestyle, but why aren't they riding?
Want to be an expert?  participate.  Know what the tips and tricks are to riding in teh rain, carrying unusual objects on a bike and how to commute on your bike for any type of occasion.  Live the life, don't talk about the life.
Me? I have moved across the country twice in order to live where I can ride all year long--for me it is a way of life, i just don't talk about it all that much...

Monday, October 17, 2011

How much time are you saving?????

Been out of it lately and not posting, but for five months now I have been seeing a sign for the alifornia Toll Roads.  Its banner says  How Much Time Are You Saving? and then it goes on to advertise the toll roads--a unique freeway system here in So Cal that cost a fortune.  Its 2, 3, 5, 7 and even 9 dollars to be on these toll roads at different times of the day.  Sure they save you time, but they are pretty darn pricey.
So i started thinking of how much time i save taking my bike instead of my car. 
Its 32 miles each way to my office.  I leave my house at 725 and roll into my office parking lot at 8 thanks to the carpool charge for tolls.  Conversely, I get in my car and i have to be driving at 7:00, the latest 7:05 to make it to work at 8.  That's 20-25 minutes.  basically the same going home, so lets say 45 minutes each day, times five mans i save almost 4 hours a week in commuting time. and i pay no tolls

why don't you ride to work each day?