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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be careful out there

Once I come off the freeway I have about three miles of surface roads to my office each day. I lane split up to the front of the lights because I don't trust people in cars to know what they are doing...ever. I rolled up on a light and because of the way a truck was half way in the lane I couldn't quite get to the front, so I was next to a guy in a really clean Chrysler 300. He was fascinated with his smart phone and either frantically texting or emailing. Anyway, he saw a flash of movement or his Brian disengaged, but without looking up, he just stepped on the gas and plowed into a Camry in front of him. It wasn't a bumper touch, it was a bumper destroy. The 300 packs a punch with its weight and 5.7 hemi under acceleration. What freaked me out, is as I was approaching the intersection, I could have been in front of the 300 if I didn't lane split. That two ton Detroit monster could have plowed me and my bike to nothing...all the while it's driver focused on his phone. I can't stress it enough that riding is a dangerous thing and there is not really a time you can relax and let your guard down. Especially with the latest greatest phones that do everything but drive a car for people. Pay attention, regard each car as lethal and pray that gas prices get so high that everyone starts to look at motorcycles and scooters as something more than a Sunday morning toy.....and go take a rider training course just to be safer