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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burnout contest? Against a wall?

There is a trend out there now to like the bikes of the 60s and 70s.  Skinny bikes, minimal sheet metal, a few inches over on the fork tunes, sissy bar, best described as spindly. Cool bikes for the period.  But they are popular now, and showing up all over the place.  There is another trend to take these bikes (and others) and do burnouts against a wall or guard rail in a burn out pit...yawn.

when i had access to the archives of street chopper and hot bike magazines, you never saw shots of guys doing burnouts against a wall.  they either rode their bikes, did wheelies or launched rally hard and spun the tire.  No beating up the driveline against a wall.

In my time doing stuff on motorcycles for pay, i did two burnouts against a wall.  Once in Myrtle Beack on a Titan--15 feet up in the air on a platform that i still loosened the straps and started swaying the bike side to side and at a Hot Bike show where i ran my Buell up into 5th gear sliding side to side and pretty much smoking the crowd out.

i prefer to do burnouts that show control.  standing next to the bike, off the bike and twisting it in a circle.  Once i even stood in front of a Buell x1 and reversed my hands to do a burnout backwards and still in a donut.  control, not just drive line abuse against a wall.

no front brake? that's a topic for a whole other controls.  Show class. i promise, no matter how hot you think your bike engine is, you are not going to push that building your front tire is up against.....