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Friday, January 6, 2012

thinking about some on bike protection

In the last week i have almost been hit by three cars in three seperate incidents.  all of these took place on the freeway where all you have to do is drive in a straight line. Between phones, ipods and whatever else people do in their cars, three people have simply changed lanes and almost run me over.

yesterday was the worst one...on 5 north the carpool lane is two wide leading up to the 5/405 split.  Some jackhole in a Lexus decided he needed to play slalom racer between cars and not even look if anyone NOt in a car was around.  i grabbed a BIg handful of brake at 80mph and watched his bumper slide past my front tire.  My arsenal consisted of me giving him a one finger salute and his wife or girlfriend yelling at him.  But it deserved more.  a lot more. i am thinking paintball gun, with pink pellets. i am also think 3/4' ball bearings that i can toss. 
need to give it some thought but, for now, i am arming myself with even more caution on the roads in California.  Car drivers suck......