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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best ride home from far

Left the office yesterday and hopped on the freeway. Normal traffic, normal speeds in the car pool lane. I was cruising behind a guy on a BMW 1200 when I noticed another bike coming up quickly. Seeing he was moving much faster I made a lane position shift to allow him to pass me easily. Turns out it was a CHP guy, also on a BMW. He gave a nice wave and blew by me. A mile or so later the freeway started showing some congestion and he ended up about four cars ahead of me. The BMW rider lane split up behind the CHP officer as did a Gold Wing rider. When another CHP officer on a Harley joined in, I picked up the pace and followed. Traffic suddenly cleared and we rode in a pack down the carpool lane at 80-85 mph. With the two CHP officers in he front, no one jumped the painted lines and cut in front of us. When the freeway backed up and the lane splitting started again, that was nice as cars seemed to want to move over to let us by.... It probably will never happen like that again, but it sure was a nice ride home.....