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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear car drivers in orange county

I get it, I really do, there is a lot of traffic in orange county. But couldn't you leave he house 5-10 minutes earlier instead of driving like a bunch of a-holes? Here I am on my motorcycle, no loud exhaust, wearing appropriate riding gear and basically being a respectable rider and then there you are. Coffee, phone, hair brush, printed directions on your steering wheel (really! A German is like 129 bucks), makeup,'s called driving because you are operating a motor vehicle with the ability to murder included. To the little Honda civic driver on 5 south Tuesday, when you exit the car pool lane try a turn signal, and here is and idea, go out all the way once your car crosses a part of the dotted white line, your freaking ass went in and out three time before you stuck with it. I hit my brakes hard enough the second time to chirp my front tire...a bad thing on a motorcycle at 60mph. You, yeah you the a-hat in the commuter van in the carpool knew very well I was there and getting ready to pass you just before the 5at 57 went from two lanes to one in the car pool lane. What did you gain swerving out at me? Nothing, I passed you anyway. Too bad I didn't have a one inch ball bearing in my pocket, because your windshield would have had it in it. At 60-70mph I bet it leave s a mark And finally, the absolute asshat in the Toyota corolla tailgating me...with your kid in a car seat....what would you have done if I hit the brakes hard and you had a choice of running me over or hitting the cement divider? Really folks, five minutes earlier and you can drive a little less stressed. 10 minutes earlier and it's a whole new world. A motorcycle instead of your that would really change your day. So orange county freeway drivers, I want to live. Can we all just get along and you leave a few minutes earlier?