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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love riding?

The last four months have been pretty hectic at the Kelly house. From the holidays until now there have been visitors, weekend commitments, home projects and generally more ways to keep me busy than I really would like. But it is part of life as they say. My only real riding has been to and from the office and to various work projects for photography sessions. No canyons, no trips, just grinding out the day to day. Know what? I am still loving being on my bike. The ride to work, identical each morning, is still 35 or so minutes of fun. Coming home, even better. Still to this day, almost 42 years of being on a bike and I get that little tickle of excitement as it warms up in the driveway. It's not about the ride, the destination, how fast you went, did your knee touch ground, was your chrome sony's just about the blending of you and your bike into a single entity....and choosing the bike over the car all the times possible.