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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mentor a new rider

right now, for me personally, there are three new riders i know of that i am helping.  One has about a year of riding under his belt and two just went through the riding school.  I am thrilled to talk motorcycles, gear, safety and how to with them.  they need to learn so much and anything i can share that saves them a hard knock lesson, thrills me.
You have experience, you have knowledge and you can share it...if you want to.  I used to write about this in the magazine every year.  be nice to a new rider, invite them into the garage, teach them a little bit and encourage them to do things right.  help build the future of motorcycling, by being a mentor

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

But what if....

You crash? What if a car turns left in front of your motorcycle? What if you get a flat at 60 mph? What if your engine blows up at 40 mph in a turn? There are so many what ifs when you ride, the dangers is overwhelming. While you can't eliminate risk from your ride, ou can minimize it...with the right gear and training. Think about it.... Gloves: you need them. When you fall down the stairs, trip over the dog or stagger out of a bar, as you head for the ground, you instinctually put your hands out to shield your body from the impending impact on the ground. Wouldn't a nice, double stitched pair of leather gloves help out with that? Not mechanics gloves, real heavy duty gloves designed for the job will help a lot in a crash. Over the ankle boots: sure Vans are cool, so are tennis shoes. However, should you and your motorcycle go seperate ways, your ankle will be sticking out well past your leg. A nice pair of boots that cover that protruding bone may leave you walking a lot better the next day. Don't even let me get started on flip flops and sandals when you ride...... Jacket: honestly, because it is 80 degrees, the ground doesn't get softer. That brand new t-shirt has very little abrasion resistance, much like your skin. A nice, perforated mesh style jacket with body armor will let you stay cool and be protected on those hot days....and a wind breaker, shop jacket or hoodie are not actually riding jackets. Ever wonder why a real mc jacket has adjustable wrist closures? To keep the jacket from sliding up your arm in a it takes the brunt of he impact, not your forearm..... Pants: pants are defined as long enough to reach your boots. So shorts are out. At a minimum jeans...good solid jeans, not ripped designer jeans. Not dickies either. Same idea as the jacket wrist closures, dickies are typically baggy and can slide up. Most of the time I wear a textile over pant with body armor. Slips on and off in like 20 seconds, huge skin saver when it is needed Helmet: um, your skull and concrete or asphalt...not a good mix. Long time riders know the expression 10$ helmet, 10$ head.....just get a good helmet. I see people putting a bandana over their mouth, another over their forehead and then a tiny helmet on their head. Why not just get a good modular helmet that you can flip up at a stop and click back down for the ride? Safer and easier Last, invest in some rider training. All of us can learn a little in a riding school or racetrack school Yeah, I know it's all about freedom and being in the wind. But people crash. Then your family and friends have to visit you in the hospital...minimize the time you need to be there.....