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Friday, June 29, 2012

i can't even express how many things are wrong with this

seriously...what would happen if they had a flat tire, a car swerved, a drunk driver caused them to run off the road?

i cannot get over how wrong people can be at times....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My first "motorcycle"...

Was a 1970 Honda CT70H.  Fold  down handlebars, gas tank under the seat, four speed--all down and a real, honest to goodness clutch.
saw this one at a local shop the other day--a flood of memories...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My friend Bubba Blackwell

get out and see one of his shows...he rules.  crappy video but vrod wheelies are hard to do

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ladies ladies ladies...think before you get on the back of a bike

Face it, riding a motorcycle, or riding on the back, is a thrill. Exciting. Raw. Dangerous. Pretty much sensory overload, as all of them seem to be part of the ride. But, before you hop on the back of a guys bike, think about the dangers involved. Did the guy who offered you a ride on his brand new chopper, bagger, sport bike or whatever it is, check to see if you were dressed properly? And by properly I don't mean shorts, high heels and a bikini top...I mean all the right safety gear, proper fitting helmet, etc? Why worry about that? You are totally at his mercy on the back of the bike. If he does wheelies, runs into corners too fast, gets too close to cars, you life is at stake (as well as his) and you have no control. Actually, if a guy asks you to get on his bike and tells you not to worry about protective gear, don't get on the bike because what value is he placing on your safety? Now I am guilty , very guilty, of showing off on a bike with a passenger, really really guilty. But, at least, my passenger is always dressed for the worst, not hoping for the best. When I took my wife Marcia for her first ride when we were dating, a pretty good fight broke out as we debated what she would wear for the ride....I won, by the way. She was dressed properly...and nothing happened. Each time we ride, she wears the right gear...and feels better because of it...even when it is stupidly hot outside. Here is another thought. Is a guy at a bar offering you a ride? Take an extra second or two to figure out how much he has had to drink. Your safety is completely tied to his ability to properly function on his bike. Speaking of the bike, does the bike you are being asked to ride on have a real passenger seat? Foot pegs? Grab rail? Backrest/sissy bar? Invest a second or two in making sure you are going to be safe and comfortable before you trust your life to someone. I am pretty sure a large portion of the male riding public will hate that I wrote this, but, oh well. All too often I see pictures of passengers dressed to look good in a club, only to find out later that day they had an accident and now have scars and scrapes all over the place. Riding a motorcycle is a risk, you can minimize the risk with he right gear, and look good doing it. So the next time a guy offers you a ride, ask if he cares what you wear on the bike. If he says nope, you should say the same thing.