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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do your own basic maintenance....

Just got back in from the garage.  One of the bikes was due for an oil change, took all of about 45 minutes, but I learned another thing about the bike by investing the time.  The whole basic maintenance thing is really therapeutic, I put the bike right in the middle of he third garage space, near the tools, click Pandora onto the Swing Radio channel (what can I say, it's got a good beat and doesn't really require paying attention to the lyrics), plop a cup of coffee on he workbench and crack open the manual.
Refresh my brain on where everything is and grab the tools.  For those 45 minutes there are no thoughts about work, relationships, friends, enemies, financial challenges, new cars or bikes that I want, just doing a solid job and not making a mess...I hate cleaning up oil spills.
Anyway, in this instance I learned that my DL 1000 has a slight leak coming from somewhere other than the drain plug or oil filter, so for the next week or two I will be crawling around the bottom of the bike trying to identify where it is coming from.  No offense to a dealer, but the odds of them recognizing the leak and wanting to investigate?   Probably zero.  They are doing an oil change and that's what you would have paid for. Me, on the other hand, I went crazy with brake clean...well in California it's called parts cleaner and it barely cuts oil residue ( damn tree huggers)...and i know everything under the engine is immaculate so finding the source of te leak should be pretty easy.
Do your own maintenance when you can. It's a cheap mental vacation and good for your bikes longevity.