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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday ride on a Ninja 1000

Had a good ride this past Sunday with a group of friends.  Kawasaki lent me a Ninja 1000 and I have to say the bike suits me perfectly.  A little more upright than a full on sportbikes, taller bars and a mini windshield and a motor with a huge power band.

Understand, I am not a fast rider on fast self preservation mode kicks in when I try to do really high speed cornering on the street.  But, get me on a really tight road, in this case Latigo Canyon, and I am really happy going fast on a slow road.  The Ninja suits my brake hard before the tight turns and dig deep into the throttle through the turn and especially out of the turn.  I had a blast railing over bumps, chattering the chassis through irregular surfaces in the corners and generally using too much throttle.

Finding your roads makes the ride that much better....can't wait to go back to Malibu Canyon!