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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I dont know what the hell happened..i used to love writing

So, I keep trying to commit to this blog. Write more, say more, share more. But I have been less than inspired. However, I have something to say and this seems a good place to do so.

Lets start being ambassadors for motorcycling instead of assholes when we ride. Each time you ride you have a chance to make car drivers like motorcycle riders--not hate them. That means respect the rules of the road--to an extent, still have fun on the bike--and give the cars a chance to react to you suddenly being there, as opposed to flying by them at ridiculous speeds and then acting all pussy because they didn't see you.
Don't blip your throttle as you roll through town or on slow streets. They see you, trust me. Anyone looking at the slow moving traffic will see your Ducati/Harley/Suzuki/Kawasaki/Indian/Yamaha among those 17 Prius (es?), Lexus and BMWs on the road. And trust me, as an ex NSF instructor, I can tell you, if they noticed you, they wish they were you, so save the loud pipe blasts.
Lane splitting? Cool. Flipping off cars because they re not letting you through when you come blasting up at them 40 mph over the flow of traffic. Stop it. I lane split every chance I get--don't pies someone off so they can take it out on me later in the day.
There are many other things I could gripe and complain about, but let's shift gears to something more positive. Ride more. Share More. Let others know how much fun we have being on a bike. Someone asks you if your bike is fast at a gas station, don't beau out on him and say "yeah" and walk away. Tell him why. "yeah, its fast, it has a 1400cc in line four with four valves per cylinder. But that's not even why I bought it, this thing handles so well, has quick detach saddlebags and an adjustable windscreen. Its the perfect bike to bring a passenger with while railing through canyons or a long freeway ride (yes, talking about my Concours)." Share a bit of your experience and before you know it, someone else will be riding, and that's one less car on the road.