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Friday, April 18, 2014

Naked Came the.....Sportbike Part 1

When Penelope Ashe penned Naked Came The Stranger in 1969, the storyline was about the depths of journalism and a challenge to get to a new low in tawdriness. This has absolutely nothing to do with the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000--except the Z is a naked bike that is the perfect, and I do mean perfect hooligan tool. Which sets the bar kind of low on the legal riding aspect and raises the bar quite high in tawdriness.
The Z1000 is not styling for everyone--its radical, edgy and sharp, but at its heart is a sportbike waiting to be thrashed through corners and bends. How this heart meets up with its nakedness is the reason I will be forcing myself to spend time on this bike--rather than a fully faired machine (my preference).
So, its controversial in style, but swing a leg over it, like a well known stuntman named Jason Britton... and well its back to the ultimate hooligan machine. Britton is one of, if not the best stunters around and he was on the Z for about 30 seconds when he told me he wanted one.
Just for giggles here is a quick look at Britton getting acquainted with the Z... sorry about the quality, they are iPhone pics...

I have put about 60 miles on the Z so far, so making any kind of statement about the bike would be a journalistic lie. Give me about a week or so and I will get back to you with Naked Came The Sportbike Part 2....