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Saturday, May 3, 2014

do something memorable on a motorcycle....

First, every time you ride a motorcycle its memorable. Just the fact that you are in control of a vehicle that wants to be lying on its side and instead, you are commanding it to go forward, turn, climb hills, do wheelies, whatever you decide on, its memorable. I never lose sight of that and every day I ride, there is something I want to tell someone about my ride.
But I mean do something really memorable on a bike. challenge yourself. Ride something unique. Do something you really shouldn't on that type of bike. Create a story you can share that other riders will say, "cool" and non -riders will be fascinated hearing.
In my case, it was when I had the opportunity to test the bike used in the Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man movie. In case you don't know it started life as a cocktail napkin sketch and was handed to the guys at Bartels Harley-Davidson to create--out of an FXR.   Bartels raked the neck, fit it with struts that dropped the fender to just above the tire at full expansion, added those horrible straight pipes and leather wrapped a piece of steel for a seat. It was not a pleasant bike to ride, but it was one of the two awesome bikes I ever spent time on--i'll scan some pics of the other one another day--no matter where I went, people asked if it was the movie bike. They told me how much they didn't like the movie but loved the bike and wanted to build one just like it. I can still vividly remember stopping at a traffic light on La Cienga Blvd in Beverly Hills, on my way to Sunset Blvd when in a guy in a beautiful red Bentley Turbo rolled his window down and yelled "that is the coolest bike ever!" and gave me a double thumbs up.

I took that bike everywhere for a month. Yes that's me in the pic, Bates jacket on sliding in the dirt in downtown LA for the magazine shoot.... another memory. But the most interesting thing I did with that bike was ride up to a bike show--I forget which one in the Ventura area--and I entered the slow race on the Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man bike. Came in second, riding as slow as possible in a grass field on a rigid strut FXR. That was a memory.
Have any worth talking about from your experiences?