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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

obviously the tv people are not listening to me

Did you see that show last night? The 'build off'? Did anyone, at all, actually get a good look at the motorcycles? Did anyone see a nice clean view of the left and right sides of the bikes? Nope. Lots of drama, lots of oh no we are builders with a problem prior to deadline, but no focus on the bikes. Its a biker build off right? You would think that implies bikes to be seen, but no, we got wonderful views of guys in a boat, in a parking lot, drinking beer, discussions of MMA deadline settling and lets eat a hot dog with a bottle rocket in it.

These are not the people I want representing our industry. This is not how I want our industry represented. This is not the build quality I want non-riders to perceive for what our industry creates.

Please express your opinions to anyone that will listen about the garbage they keep putting on televising, and again, if you can fund it, I will create the quality programming our industry deserves.