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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

so about that Kawasaki ZX10R.....

I have been banging about on it for a week or so.... what I know:
Its fast
It handles like a race bike
Its fast
It gets a lot of looks
Its fast
It is an exceptional value for the dollars it costs.

What I also learned:
Its more motorcycle than I can ever use--well maybe my 25-30 year old self could have used it, but not now
This bike can exceed every national speed limit in FIRST gear
Its an effortless bike to maneuver
It is not a bike to drove down freeways on, it wants to turn
The anti lock brakes are incredible
So is the traction control
Am I having a genuine blast on it??? Yup.   More to come, but for now, I am accepting the fact that its more bike than I can use and trying to find a way to use more of it.... where is that track day listing??????