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Sunday, May 25, 2014

what is your cylinder count? a real live survey

Recently I have looked closely at those people I call friends and realized that all but one, have a deep, focused commitment to internal combustion. Motorcycles, cars, planes, boats, ATV/SUV and anything else that falls into the category of generating power.  Among this group of friends I have a smaller group that share an email digest. Every year or two a missive goes out asking for a full report of your personal cylinder count. This is to include basically anything that has a piston/cylinder (we are not really sure what to do about rotary engines) and itemize the list.

The list is an entertaining read, and not surprising, it gets competitive as guys are wont to do. Suddenly revisions to the list pop up as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and even novelty blenders get into the count. I think we drew the line at substitute electric edges because the 2 stroke gas unit blew up.

So, currently I am at a fairly low level, having cleaned out a lot of projects lately but my list is as follows:

Dodge Challenger-----8 cylinders (it is a Hemi so I should get some extra points here)
Kawasaki Concourse---4 cylinders
Suzuki V-Strom---2 cylinders
MBZ C300------6 cylinders (wife's car)
Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower--1 cylinder
Garage air compressor--1 cylinder (this is where the stretching starts)
Total = 22 (a really disappointing representation, I need to buy some stuff)

It would be fun if everyone that read this commented with their count, and where they live, just in case any international competitors are reading this.