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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

when riding is not a "special occasion" but an everyday thing

It is no secret that I enjoy social media. I would probably say, in order, I enjoy Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and make use of them most of the week. Why I enjoy it is not as much about keeping up with friends, my real friends get direct contact from me, but to see what the motorcycle owners of the USA are doing.

Yes owners, not riders. See, that vast group of people I see on social media prattle on and on about this special occasion they rode their motorcycle. And as such, the once, or dare it be, twice a week they ride becomes a special occasion. Really? Why is that? Bike choice? Outfit choice? Don't really love riding as much as owning a motorcycle?

See, here is the thing. For the most part, with a touch of planning, there is nothing you cannot do on a motorcycle--within reason. True you can't carry lumber, bags of concrete or a flat screen TV, but normal day-to-day commuting, the right motorcycle and gear choice let you ride all the time.

Example: I always buy a bike that has either quick release saddlebags or a way to secure a bag on the back seat, giving me carrying capacity. On top of that, I have an Aerostich Courier bag that can carry almost anything. Groceries, tools, sprinkler parts, ammunition, even a cat once, have all traveled within the confines of my motorcycle storage systems. And I always have gear that permits me to do what I need to do. I have gone to meetings that required me to be in a suit by putting a riding suit on over the fancy clothes and carrying proper shoes to replace the boots in my saddlebag. Saved a ton of time in traffic that way, and got to ride my motorcycle mid day, instead of being in my car--because I had a meeting.

At one point in my career, office attire required slacks, shirt and tie. So, I would take a few changes of clothes, stash them in my office and ride in 5 minutes early, which was easy on the bike, change and be the tie wearing dude I needed to be until 5, when I changed and head home. In the cooler months I just switched to wearing an oversuit and office clothes underneath.

For me, riding anytime is better than being in a car--and I LOVE my car. But it seems every time I choose the car over the bike, I end up wishing I was on the bike. So I built my life around always owning a bike that was a bit functional--a GSXR is not exactly a great commuter/carry stuff bike but I made it work--and gear that let me ride when I want.

So, if you follow me on various social media outlets, odds are you won't see me post a lot of "I am taking a special ride" pics, but more likely my motorcycles doing my daily errands and commutes. Life is much better on two wheels--all the time.