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Friday, May 2, 2014

where are all the motorcycles--and why dont you commute on yours?

I topped off the tank on the ZX10r yesterday at 4.39 a gallon, but at close to 40mpg it makes more sense than my Challenger at 19-20mpg for running errands. Sure full on grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning makes more sense in a car, but most everything else we do can be done by bike. So why aren't you?
I look around when I go places during the week and am shocked at how few bikes I see. Why would you choose a car over a bike? Creature comforts? Stereo? Phone? Your hair looks better afterwards? Dress code at work? All of these can be overcome if you want to be on your bike

If you need to make calls or listen to music that bad, get one of those Bluetooth headsets for your helmet.
Use a helmet liner between yurt wonderfully coiffed dome
Get an overbuilt like an Aerostich or something to that style. Or do like I used to do, drive in one day a week, drop off a load of dressy work clothes, pick up the dirty stuff to take to the dry cleaners, repeat the cycle as necessary.
If you really want to ride, there are no obstacles or objections and with gas at 4 bucks, plus, no better time to work out your complications and start riding more