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Saturday, June 7, 2014

action. drama. adventure. heroes. 1990 Italian 500cc moto gp

You have an hour to learn about real men racing? Watch this. Not only were they riding 500cc two stroke machines that weighed something like 350 pounds and produced well over 200 horsepower--- and if you have never ridden a two-stroke, think of the throttle as a light switch, on or off as their powerband is pretty narrow--but they had to switch to mild rain tires because it kept drizzling and threatening to rain. They raced anyway. Non of this sissy NASCAR stuff where they stop racing because the track is wet.

 Nope they just hitch their leathers up a bit higher and race.
Names like Rainey, Gardner, Doohan, Schwantz. The greats doing great things on a motorcycle. Towards the end of the race watch how fast these guys pass the backmarkers.  imagine feeling fast enough on a bike to even consider racing one of these monsters and then being passed by these guys at the speeds they do. Your ego would be crushed forever. Or, these front runners were not mortal, perhaps they were racing deities. Either way, this is an education on what fast looks like on a motorcycle. And no rain delays ;)