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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Burnout Blather

First, let's understand the reasons for a burnout.
Drag racing--its done to heat the rear tire(s) up for an optimum launch
Showing off--its done to let the world know you have lots of horsepower, or you want attention
Stunting--its called drifting then
Motorcycle events-- its a crowd thriller/attention draw

now, I am a big fan of the show off burnout. I have done dozens of these in magazines over the years and am still prone to doing one when the crowd is right. But tires are darn expensive these days, so I try to keep my show off burnouts to a minimum. being a trained professional, not a drunk at a carnival, I am confident in my knowledge of a motorcycle, how it works and how to tell when a burnout might go bad, so I can do a burnout anywhere at any time on any bike. And since I don't do stationary burnouts on bikes that don't have front brakes--- truthfully I don't enjoy riding bikes with no front brake--I don't need a wall for doing a burnout. I like to freestyle my burnout and score massive showoff points.

but as seen above, I have spent time in a burnout box. The Titan you see here roasting its back tire was actually on a hydraulically lifted burnout box 10 feet over the crowd in Myrtle Beach, so I thought it kind of cool. The burnout box/wall serves its purpose for safety when said carnival bike riders have 3-7 beers and want to do a burnout, but I suggest to all bike event promoters there be a change.
Let's steal an idea from the freestyle stunters and create two burnout areas. Your traditional wall where amateurs can put their bike against an immovable object and row through the gears in attempt of shredding their tire, yawn, and a sectioned off area (with those concrete barricades they use for construction) where a wanna-be stunter can get his one-hand-standing-next-to-the-unreleased-Harley-CVO-bagger burnout show off session on.
Let them go in and spin donuts. Stand next to the bike. Stand in front of the bike and do a donut backwards (I have some photos of me doing that, scary as all hell the first time). Show they have control of the bike. The barricades should go far in creating crowd safety, but still allow those that feel they have the skill to go ahead and show off. Let the no front brake, I just want to smell like tire smoke crowd use the burnout box.
With the proliferation of Dyna/FXR customs on the market, along with baggers, front brakes are fairly prevalent in the Harley world. The Sportbike world couldn't imagine a bike without front brakes, so promoters, what do you say? Can we get a stunt show out of these guys? We have professional stunters drifting their bikes in a closed area, maybe a freestyle burnout area will bring another generation of stunters to the show?