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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Discovery Channel...Please go back to penguin documentaries

So with great anticipation I watched Biker Live last night on Discovery to see the new exciting changes. Thankfully Velocity was running some real motorcycle programming simultaneously, Isle of Man TT racing. That is motorcycle drama I can get behind--a man on a bike challenging the road, weather and time to be the best, fastest and not die in the process.

On the there hand, there was Biker Live. Filmed to make seemingly talented guys look like they don't have a clue. Oh the drama. Really? Did we need a monolog about being too young to be a bike builder? Fabrication skills do get better with experience, but if you have them, you have them. Did we need to see a half hearted attempt at making part of a gas tank, just to see it thrown on the shop floor? Did we need a scene showing rolling eyes when discussing how to time a magneto? NO, but Discovery did.

For anyone that plans to support this stuff again, let me help you in case Velocity has racing on again at the same time. Show synopsis: Introduce builders, make them look less capable than they are. Coerce them into making bold, boasting claims on their abilities to build drama. Show timeline discussions of how the bike being built can't be as good as normal. Cut to goofing off in shop or immediately outside of shop. Kick up music for dramatic scene where alleged great bike builder doesn't know how to tune his engine to start. (note, what builder ever, anywhere builds a full bike mock up before paint and doesn't start the bike then, but instead waits until its fully painted and assembled for a first try at starting?). Show celebration as bike fires with just seconds to go before deadline.


Please Discovery, stop making the motorcycle industry look stupid. If you do, we all promise to watch penguin documentaries when you release them