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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Not So Entertaining--My New Business--Please refer your friends

After a very long career of working for other business owners and learning everything they had to teach, I have decided to open my own business offering business management and marketing. consulting.

It is a huge leap of faith, chance to take, but it has me pretty pumped up. I know I can help the average struggling business to do better, so in all of the glory I can muster, here is my official press release.

HKC - Howard Kelly Consulting

With 30 years of business management and marketing experience, Howard Kelly now lends his abilities to your endeavor. From selling automotive tires in a discount shop to holding the editor’s chair at HOT BIKE Magazine during its’ prime to marketing industrial air chillers and creating all of the 2014 Kawasaki product brochures, Kelly brings a unique perspective to the table. His combination of business experience, budget management and expert marketing strategy creation will allow your company to reach the next level of success.

Unlike most marketing consultants, HKC insists on starting by learning your business and the infrastructure that supports it. An evaluation of your business practices and the team that implements them is done prior to preparing a marketing campaign, because if your business can’t support new business growth, that must be addressed first, otherwise you will be wasting marketing efforts and dollars.

When you are ready to get your marketing plan going, HKC will build a custom strategy based on your budget, anticipated growth and infrastructure expansion. All aspects of media are incorporated—web, print, direct and social. HKC can create your press releases, catalogs, brochures, collateral materials, advertising and full marketing campaigns. HKC can work with your existing art director or introduce you to one. Additionally, with Kelly’s full background in photography, studio, location and event coverage can be provided.

With a network of the best professionals in the United States working directly with HKC, no project, event, trade show or store redesign presents a challenge. When you partner with HKC it is like adding a complete marketing department to your business without the need for extra office space for the staff. You get professional services at a fraction of the cost of a full department.

Because HKC will work directly with owners/principals, client space will be limited.


Howard Kelly

(949) 491-5182