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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can you see me now?

I ride a lot. Here, there, everywhere. A lot. And recently I find myself needing to commute 4-5 days a week for about 80+ miles a day round trip. On LA/OC freeways. California is the land of the self absorbed driver, with focus on following their in-dash navigation, talking on their Bluetooth connected phone and sending texts from behind the wheel. In other words they don't give a darn about others on the road.

A few years ago my friend Art Friedman started doing all his riding with a high visibility orange full face helmet on. He swore it made him more visible and he had less close calls in traffic . that has always hung in the back on my mind. Normally I don't think much about the color of my helmet, I just pick upon a good brand, on sale, and deal with whatever color is available. Lately I have been using Scorpion for a few reasons:
1- flip down sun shade. Perhaps the single greatest invention ever for those of us that put in long days on a bike. Morning sun? Drop the sun shield down. Late night in an office heading home, a clark shield is already in place--fantastic
2- comfort. The Scorpion is light and padded well, eliminating pressure points and neck fatigue.
3- price. They are a damn good price for what you get.

I picked up this EXO 500
Its silver and "Can you see me know?" Yellow.  I think it should create just enough contrast that most brain dead southern California drivers will see me. Guess I will find out soon enough if Art knows what he is talking about.