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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ZX14R--redefining what fast is

If you are one of the people I know who have only ridden Harleys, you can't comprehend just how fast this bike is. The Kawasaki ZX14R can do this:
0-30mph--1.2 seconds
0-60mph--2.6 seconds
0-90mph--4.2 seconds
0-100mph--4.8 seconds
1/4 mile ---9.47 @152mph
Top speed - 485 (electronically limited)

wrap your head around that. In less time than it takes you to do a three Mississippi count, it can accelerate to 60. With a pro rider like Rickey Gadson on a STOCK bike it can do sub 10second 1/4 mile passes. This bike is just plain fast.

And pretty comfortable, not gold wing comfortable, but roomy enough to let you relax while you cruise the Southern California freeway system looking for Ferraris and Lamborghinis to mess with.
but, the other thing about this bike is all about calm. It starts up, idles smoothly, has power modes and traction control and is quite happy running around town doing errands and never waking up the 1441cc sleeping beast under the plastic. Its just a regular sporty motorcycle with an engine that can press your brain backwards in your skull.
I will be putting 3-400 miles a week on this thing for a while so I will update my impressions as they come along, but for now I can tell you that Kawasaki understands fast motorcycles and is the reigning king of the jungle.